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Latest Custom Communications Shelter Project

AMSS completed its latest custom communications shelter project for the United States Government. When the US Military needs a custom, highly sophisticated communications shelter built to withstand rugged and harsh environments they come to AMSS for solutions. Over a period of several weeks we custom designed a solution based on a unique set of requirements from the US Military. We then fabricated multiple communication shelters over a period of eight weeks. While our shelters have the appearance of an ISO container, our custom solution far exceeds the structural capability of a standard ISO container. Additionally, since we start with raw steel, we build our units to custom dimensions - such as a 10’ width to allow more room for racks and equipment to be mounted within the unit. Our shelters include a wide complement of systems such as clean agent fire suppression systems, security alarm systems, and a wide variety of low voltage systems (CO2 monitoring, Hydrogen monitoring, temperature monitoring, humidity monitoring, etc.). As an approved reseller of computer/communications equipment, we also provided all racks, UPS systems, etc., thus offering a "one-stop” turnkey solution.